With Halo Infinite launching in just a few months, Xbox has announced the latest marketing collaboration for the game. Halo veterans will not be surprised to see Rockstar Energy teaming up to help promote Halo Infinite’s launch with a series of Halo-inspired cans. 

Rockstar Energy & Halo Infinite Squad Up For New Limited Edition Cans 

Just like back in the Halo 3 days with Mountain Dew, these cans will have custom artwork, XP codes underneath the tab, and rewards for exclusive in-game items. 

Starting this month and running until December 31, players who purchase these special limited-edition cans of Rockstar energy will find digital codes underneath the tabs of every can that include Challenge Swaps, double XP, and potentially custom in-game emblems and weapon skins. 

On top of that, each can purchase will enter fans into an opportunity to win a sweepstake that includes a copy of the game, an Xbox Series X prize bundle, and even a… Bespoke Jeep made to look like a Warthog? 

If you’re interested in Halo Infinite and want to have all of these new in-game goodies be sure to go get some cans of Rockstar Energy to make sure you’re looking sick on the battlefield. If you don’t like Rockstar, maybe make your friends buy it or something. 

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