Rocket League paved the way for a lot of progression in 2019, mainly with how studios and big companies see features like cross-play compatibility. It's also been a game with insane concurrent player counts, incredible ever-changing event rotations, and a gameplay experience that is just downright fun to play. While it continues to grow, it looks like the playing field will be going away for some players, namely Mac and Linux users. 

Psyonix recently released a support document for what features will be getting the cut in March and what other changes players can expect. "We want Rocket League to be the best experience possible for all our players," reported the studio about the changes in their recent document. "This includes adapting to use new technologies. This has made it more difficult to support macOS and Linux (SteamOS). Because of this, we will have a final patch for these versions in early March."

After the final patch, the following offline features should function as expected:

  • Local Matches
  • Split-Screen Play
  • Garage/Inventory (Your existing items will not be removed from your inventory)
  • Career Stats
  • Replays
  • Steam Workshop Maps (Must be downloaded before final patch)
  • Custom Training Packs (Must be downloaded before final patch)

After the final patch, the following online features will no longer function:

  • Online Matchmaking
  • Private Matches
  • Tournaments
  • Rocket Pass
  • Item Shop / Esports Shop
  • In-Game Events
  • Friends List
  • Clubs
  • News Panel
  • New Custom Training Packs
  • New Steam Workshop Maps
  • Leaderboards
  • League Rankings

For Linux players, the studio recommends trying out Steam's Proton app or Wine in order to keep in the game. They also mentioned that for Mac and Linux users, they can download the Windows version and that version will have all of the same features that they've come to love. 

The upcoming Rocket League changes are expected to hit early March.