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River City Ransom Strikes Back With New KickStarter Project

by Prima Games Staff

If you grew up in the NES era – like some of us did – then you’ll remember a lovely little brawling gem called River City Ransom. This ridiculously fun game had you battling street gangs throughout the city. It’s still a fun time, and a sequel could be in the works.

A new KickStarter project emerged for River City Ransom: Underground, a game that will bring back the “cute” art style of the original, while introducing new fighting tactics, a slew of new characters and more importantly, four-player co-op support – a key element to a good arcade style brawler. As before, you’ll be able to beat up thugs to earn coins – watching them take defeat with a hilarious “BARRRRFFFF!” – and then buy food to re-energize your brawler.

The project is off to a good start, with just under $33,000 of its $180,000 goal. With 28 days to go, it should have no problem getting there.

You can learn more about Underground through the video below, and check out the KickStarter page here.

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