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River City Ransom Sequel Meets KickStarter Goal

by Prima Games Staff

A while back, we told you about a new KickStarter project for a sequel to one of the most beloved NES brawlers out there, River City Ransom. The sequel features the same classic visual style as the original, but looks to introduce new fighters and tactics, as well as other features. You can check out some of these features in the video below.

This past weekend, Conatus Creative’s project successfully met its funding goal, reaching $180,000 without breaking a sweat. That confirms the game’s release for PC sometime next year, though the stretch goals for other platforms still have to be met. The campaign still has just under two days left, though, so anything is possible.

Regardless, we’ll be making bad guys “BARRRRRFFFFF!” and eat ramen in-between match-ups with the game sometime next year. Congrats to the team!

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