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Rise of the Tomb Raider – Mountain Peak, Find the Prophet’s Tomb

Navigate the blizzard then make your way to the Hidden Oasis and the Prophet’s Tomb.
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

In the first part of Rise of the Tomb Raider, Lara Croft begins her journey at the Mountain Peak where she must find the Prophet’s Tomb and uncover its secrets. This involves going through the Hidden Oasis on the way to the Prophet’s Temple.

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Mountain Peak

After the opening cut scene, head forward up the mountain as you slowly move across the snowy cliff. A piece of ice breaks off, but you’re fine. When a the ground below you gives out, you start tumbling down the mountain side. Press X when prompted to catch yourself, then move right along the edge of the cliff. Jump across the gap, then press X again to sure up your grip. Jump across the second gap, then jump up to the top of the cliff and climb up.

Head to the right and climb up the ice wall. You need to move slight to the right as you make your way up in order to avoid some of the gabs in the wall. When you can climb no higher, move to the left to avoid the icicles above, then jump the gap as you move toward your partner. When you can go no further, jump all the way over to your partner.

Continue up the mountain and through the tunnel ahead. Keep moving up the snow covered mountain until you get to another cut scene. Inch toward the edge of the cliff, then jump over to the icicles, latch on and start climbing. The camera angle changes, but continue to climb up until you can go no higher.

Jump up to the ledge above, then jump to the right to the adjacent ledge. When you’ve gone as far to the right as you can go, jump up and latch on to the ice above, then continue climbing upward and to the right. When the icicles fall, jump across the newly formed gap, grab the ice on the far side, then press X again to sure your footing.

Keep climbing up and to the right, then jump when you reach the next gap in the ice wall. Latch on to the ice above and continue to climb to the top. When you’re knocked back down by the storm, swing back and forth three times, then press X to grab the ice on the far right. Unfortunately, the ice doesn’t hold and you need to swing back and forth twice more before you can grab the ice again.

Climb up to the top again, but this time you have to run from an avalanche. Jump over the first gap and press X to secure your footing, then climb up and wait until the last minute to jump over to the next platform below. If you jump too soon you won’t make it, and if you jump too late you’ll simply fall. It’s important to jump as late as possible to make the jump.

After sliding down the mountain, press X to grab hold of the cliff edge, then quickly move to the right and jump to the next ledge. Climb up and run down the path, jumping every time another block of ice falls. At the end of the path, make the long jump to the ice wall across the gorge, then begin to ascend again.

The Lost Tomb

Travel back in time two weeks to watch a cut scene. When you can control Lara again walk left along the edge of the cliff. At the end of the path climb up the rock wall and move to the right as far as you can go, then jump to the ledge above and head to the right on the path above. This leads to a side trail where you’ll find an item box at the end containing the Gilded Cross religious icon.

Head back the way you came and then follow the water up the side of the hill. When you slide into the small opening, continue down the watery path. After another short cut scene activate Survival Instinct and examine the glowing objects in the room, including the nearby pillar, the circular dial on the wall, the mural on the far wall and up the small stairs, and one final mural down the small pathway.

At this mural examine the stones to the right to find a secret path. Use your tool to remove the bricks, then head through the opening to view the ancient ruins beyond.

The Hidden Oasis

Continue down the path to the left until you reach the wall at the end. Scramble up the wall (double jump) and move around to the left side. Jump up one ledge then move left to the gab in the wall. Jump across the gap, then double jump up to the top of the wall as the helicopter passes overhead.

Run to the wooden plank and cross the gap until everything starts to crumble under you. Quickly jump to the rocky ledge ahead, then run to the end of the ledge and jump again to make it to the far side. Jump down to the ledge below, then jump across to the far side when you get to the end of the path.

Move to the right and jump across the gap to the other side, then climb up to the path above. Walk straight ahead and climb up the large boulders to reach the opening above. Move through the narrow passage, past the skeletons and scorpions, until you reach the end. Press Y to break the rocks ahead and move into the Prophet’s Temple

The Prophet’s Temple

Immediately head to the right and activate Survival Instincts to see a container in the corner. Examine it then head back into the previous room and read the wall mural, then examine the scroll on the podium to the left of the mural. Continue to the right of the mural and into the next room.

Shoot the top of the object that falls and blocks your path, then continue down the path. When you fall, take your tool and knock down the wall to the left (use Survival Instincts to locate the vulnerable wall), then swim to the ledge on the left so you can get back on stable ground. Look to the far side of the room and shoot down the slab of wood.

Swim over to the wood and use it to climb out of the watery area. Continue down the path until your foot gets trapped. This triggers a trap which requires you to quickly shoot the dangerous object that flies toward you. Quick swim to the far end of the corridor and climb up again. Head up the stairs and into the inner portion of the Prophet’s Tomb.

The Prophet’s Tomb

Move down the path to the right and hug the right wall until you reach a breakable wall on the far side of the room. Use Survival Instinct if you have trouble finding it. Break down the wall to raise the water level in the room, then swim to the far side and climb up the wooden shelves.

When you reach the top, move to the right and climb up onto the ledge, then jump over to the wooden platform to let even more water into the room. Swim across the way again to reach another set of wooden shelves. Climb up and head around to the corner until you can climb up to the path above. Jump over the spiked trap in the middle of the floor (the small opening in the stone path), then jump over to the ledge on the left and continue across to the next ledge, then on to the path just beyond.

Press X to sure your grip, then climb up and head down the path to the right. Jump over the small hole in the floor (spike trap) and the trap switch as you move down the path. If you trigger the spike trap, quickly jump to avoid it, and if you trigger the other trap shoot both falling spikes to avoid taking damage. When you get out in the open again look to the right to see another piece of parchment on the ground.

Examine the item then jump over to the hanging wooden platform and quickly jump across to the far side. Run to the right, but before you get to the breakable brick wall ahead, look to the left and activate Survival Instinct to see Ancient Coins on the ground. Collect the loot, then break the brick wall to allow more water to flow into the room.

Shoot down the wooden platform that’s hanging, then jump on the same platform you used to make it across the room. This time remain on the platform until you’re knocked off by the water, then quickly swim over and stand on the platform you shot down so you can jump to the wall on the right (facing away from the hanging wooden platform).

Move right and jump onto the pillar, then climb up and jump onto the wooden bar just above the hanging platform. After the water rushes you into the next room, climb up the wooden shelves to watch another cut scene.

Quickly shoot the two enemies directly ahead, then run in their direction and jump across the gap. Run toward the end of the path, then head left just before you reach the man that just got trampled by rocks. Jump across to the other side of the room and press X to strengthen your grip, then climb up and quickly move down the path, jumping when necessary, until you reach the ledge at the end. Press X to sure your grip again, then climb up and watch another cut scene.

Continue on to the Siberian Wilderness or head back to our Rise of the Tomb Raider game hub for more tips and tricks to get through the game.

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