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Resident Evil 2’s Free Ghost Survivors Update is Coming Soon

by Larryn Bell

Capcom is gearing up to release a free update for Resident Evil 2 in February called the Ghost Survivors, which features three new campaigns for players to enjoy. The Ghost Survivors update features new “what if” scenarios for three characters who didn’t escape Raccoon City. 

Today, Capcom announced the release date for the Ghost Survivors DLC, which will be available for free starting February 15. According to the announcement, the Ghost Survivors update will allow players to replay Resident Evil 2 from the perspectives of a gunshop owner, the mayor’s daughter, and a soldier in three new episodes called “No Time to Mourn,” “Runaway,” and “Forgotten Soldier.”

This is the first set of post-launch content for the Resident Evil 2 since the remake released on January 25. Whether you’ve just started your journey through the zombie-filled police station in Resident Evil 2 or are on your second run, you may need some help finding important items throughout the game. Check out our guides on where to find the Spade, Diamond, Club, and Heart keys as well as how to get the goddess statue medallions to unlock new areas and obtain valuable loot in Resident Evil 2.

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