Report: Could These Very Well Be the Specs of the Next Xbox?

A leak from a UK Magazine indicates what Microsoft's gaming could be like a year from now.

Oh, next generation gaming.  How you tease us.

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Following the release of Nintendo’s Wii U console last month, all eyes are now on Sony and Microsoft to see what happens next with the forthcoming new generation of gaming.  The PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 have seen so many rumors at this rate that it’s beyond ridiculous.  We almost expect some second-rate fortune teller to come out and tell us what’s next.


However, during this week, we ran across some information that could very well pave the way for what is the new Xbox system.  A report from UK magazine Xbox World has appeared online, leaking several details in terms of what Microsoft could be cooking up.


Now, before we start breaking these down and providing our thoughts, we should remind you – these did NOT come from Microsoft.  This is a report from a publication, and as intriguing as it is, it should just be considered as rumors at this point.  But still, even if a portion of this stuff is true, we could be in for a killer new system.


Let’s take it from the top…


System Name


First off, it looks like Microsoft may be jettisoning the idea of a sub-name with their system, and will instead simple call it Xbox.  Obviously it shouldn’t be confused with the original one that came out in 2000, but it appears that the logo could very well be referring to the general nature of Microsoft’s beast.  After all, some people out there call the current 360 system an “Xbox”, instead of adding the numbers at the end.




Apparently Microsoft will try to cater to two different types of audiences with its forthcoming system.  Though the “guts” will be the same (which we will talk about a bit later in this article), there will be two types.  One will be the regular system with a disc-loading tray, while the other will be a slim version, built specifically for system downloads, which will be offered through a revamped Xbox Live Marketplace.  So those users who want to stick with discs can, while others can have the convenience of downloading everything without having to deal with additional hardware.


The Power


Microsoft is building its next Xbox system to be a better machine than before, which will hopefully do away with the “red ring of death” that so many pieces of their hardware have run into with this generation.  A four-core CPU, one more powerful than most PC hardware, is being put in as the general processor, with improvements in graphics, artificial intelligence and more.  DirectX 11 will also be installed to some degree, though there should still be plenty of room on the included hard drive.  It’s not confirmed what size it’ll be using yet, but we’d be shocked if it was anything less than 500 GB – unless Microsoft plans to sell them separately, as they do with some Xbox 360 models.


If you go with the disc-based Xbox console, you’ll be able to play Blu-Ray discs, marking the first piece of Microsoft technology to enable playback.  (For the record, the 360 did have a side HD-DVD player, but that was a different format entirely.)  If you prefer to just download HD-based movies on the “slim” system, that option will be available through the marketplace as well.

The next Kinect

Both systems will come with the Kinect 2.0, an improvement over the original device.  This one will be able to track up to four players at once with very little problems, and can read smaller movements, including finger and facial gestures.  But the device could also include an augmented reality feature known as Omnitouch, which was not detailed but sounds rather promising.  All of these features could also allow you to interact with objects in full 3D on the screen.  Remember how Cortana appeared in front of Master Chief in Halo 4?  Something like that.

The games

Though none of these are 100 percent confirmed, they sound very likely.  The Xbox launch is likely to include a number of sequels and original IP projects, including Rare’s Kinect Sports 3, Bungie’s previously revealed Destiny project, Lionhead’s rumored Fable MMO game, 343 Industries’ upcoming Halo 5, DICE’s Battlefield 4, and the next Forza game from Turn 10 Studios, like part five.  Again, these are RUMORED so don’t get those pre-orders shuffled off just yet.

A new world of sound

The next Xbox supposedly will use a new 3D sound system, one that will surpass current surround sound set-ups by varying degrees – even the new 7.1.  Though, again, a technical explanation wasn’t given, you can expect it to really get you even more involved with your games. 

The controller

The new Xbox model is likely to come with a new controller build, one that features a touch screen on the pad, as well as programmable buttons and possible gesture readings, like for steering in driving games.

The rest

Though not confirmed, FULL backwards compatibility with all games and controllers is to be expected with the system.

Microsoft is pushing to make the system very developer friendly, without the need for lengthy installs or online code requirements.  They’re also looking to keep the door handily open for independent developers.

Cloud and “always on” gaming look to play a huge part for the new Xbox, so you can stay connected with your friends, receive updates instantly on your Windows phone, and/or download trial games/demos without having to worry about wasting potential storage space.

In essence, all of this sounds VERY promising, especially if Microsoft can pull it off without going overboard on the pricing.  The system mock-up also looks right about on target, about the same size as the Wii U as far as the core unit is concerned.

But again, it all comes down to confirmation, and it looks as if we’ll have to wait until at least E3 to get the word on what’s happening in Microsoft’s world.  It’s a long wait, but at least we have these specs to dream by, don’t we?

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