Remnant 2 Deeply Expands Losomn With The Awakened King DLC

The first batch of DLC content will soon arrive!

Remnant 2 Impaler Enemy
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If you’ve been hungering for more Remnant 2 after the excellent experience the base game offered earlier this year, then you’re in luck. Today, Gunfire Games announced that the first DLC for Remnant 2, The Awakened King, will launch on November 14.

The Awakened King explores a new region of Losomn centered around the One True King, mentioned several times previously. He has awakened, though the Root corrupted his sleep and has long since twisted his worldview. Now that his castle is situated within a coastal Dran town, he wants nothing more than to stop those whom he believes have betrayed him. You’re chief among that list. Through your allies, tools, and the trusty arm of your own reflexes, you must bring about the King’s end before he causes more destruction in the name of the Root.

This DLC acts as a sort of expansion on the base game’s story, allowing you to either find it through RNG on your run or select it once you have Adventure mode for Losomn unlocked. From here, you’ll explore a DLC roughly the size of your standard world run featuring plenty of new enemies to fight and gear to collect, along with secrets to uncover. It’s a sizeable chunk of content, especially when you throw the new Ritualist Archetype into the mix. They’ll leverage their power with status effects to smite their foes, with more details to be revealed closer to the DLC’s launch.

When it launches in two weeks, Remnant 2: The Awakened King will be available for $10. Additionally, you can purchase a DLC bundle for $24.99. This will come with The Awakened King, along with two future DLC expansions that would all be $30 when purchased separately. A nice $5 savings, if you were going to buy them anyway. This will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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