If there's one series that has managed to define just how awesome mobile racing games can be, it's Real Racing.  Over the past few years, Firemint has managed to do the unthinkable with the likes of iOS and Android devices…but we ain't seen nothing yet.

The company, now rebranded as Firemonkeys, has announced in collaboration with Electronic Arts that its latest ride, Real Racing 3, will make its debut on February 28th on iOS, Android and Kindle stores.  The game will initially be free-to-play, though Microtransactions are available if you feel like buying new cars and other goodies in-game.  But at least it doesn't cost you anything to test drive.

The game will have 46 licensed vehicles covering 3 classes, as well as a 22 car grid, real world tracks, 8 varied event types and 900+ events – that's a lot of driving that's ahead of you.  You'll also be able to unlock items over the course of the game – y'know, if you don't feel like paying for them.

Oh, and did we mention the beautiful graphics?  Because, you know, they are beautiful…