Rayman Legends has had a great showing at GamesCom this week, but a lot of folks were curious as to whether his latest adventure would only be on the Wii U, or if the love would spread over to other platforms, as Rayman Origins did last year.

Well, we have some bad news.  For now, anyway.  The latest GamesCom trailer, which we've included below, states that Rayman Legends is coming exclusively to the Wii U for this holiday season.  However, it didn't state that it would stay an exclusive, meaning that the possibility of it coming to other platforms – probably in 2013 – is definitely an option.

For now, though, it's looking like an incredible game, and one that really makes proper use of the Wii U touch screen and co-op support, so that you'll work together to complete levels and, in some cases, just kick back and have a good time.  We'll have a preview of the game for you soon, so stick around for that.

In the meantime, enjoy the trailer and ponder…why doesn't Rayman have any arms or legs anyway?  Hmmm…