While we were at E3 last week, we had the chance to check out Ubisoft’s latest piece of side scrolling goodness, Rayman Legends, a thoroughly entertaining game that has the potential to be as much fun as Rayman Origins.  At first we thought it would be an experience that was exclusive to the Wii U platform but, according to the company, that may not be the case.

Talking with the good folks at Joystiq, Ubisoft senior game manager Michael Micholic stated that the game isn’t quite in exclusive territory.  “Well, we’re not really saying it’s a Wii U exclusive, although right now all we’re showing is the Wii U (version).”  

In addition, he stated the company was looking at “a lot of different launch options”, with the Wii U retaining the focus with its touch screen controls.

We’ll have a preview of Rayman Legends for you fairly soon, and let you know if it is indeed headed to other platforms.  A PlayStation 3 version to go along with Origins would certainly hit the spot with us.