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Rainbow Six Quarantine Beta Signup

by Liana Ruppert

There’s no denying that Rainbow Six Siege has been a smashing success for Ubisoft years after its launch and it continues to serve as a shining example as to how Games as a Service can work without sacrificing quality for the players. With Rainbow Six Quarantine on the horizon taking that success and spinning it for a new experience, many Six fans may be looking to get their hands on it early – and now you can because the Rainbow Six Quarantine beta signup is now live. 

To sign up, simply register on the game’s website right here. Though the game itself won’t be launching until next year, the beta does offer fans of this franchise a chance to try it out and even provide feedback to make it even better before it officially launches as a brand new experience. 

Quarantine was first revealed during E3 this past week and showed off a looming monster threat as a character was seen lying helplessly on the ground. It’s an interesting take on a familiar trope of an illness spreading to create death and destruction, but if it functions at all like how the base game does – it will be just as enjoyable and a constantly evolving experience. The fact that the team also took the traditional PvP experience Six is known for and instead shifted it into a PvE one is also interesting, and we’ll be able to learn even more in the coming months when the studio decides to drop some gameplay action.

As for when the game releases, we don’t have a release date at this time, though we do know it’s slated for a Q1 launch in 2020.