Quantic Dream, the mysterious developer who worked their magic in the PlayStation 3 mystery Heavy Rain and, more recently, in a wondrous tech demo named Kara, could very well be showing off their latest project next week at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

According to Computer Video Games, a “trusted senior development source” stated that David Cage, Quantic’s main man, will reveal the company’s next huge effort this coming Monday - the same day that Sony is hosting its pre-E3 press conference.  

Two “separate mystery projects” are also in the works, but it’s unknown if these will be for current generation hardware or the next step forward.  Cage has already talked about how he likes the PS3 system and how he would like to develop for it over the next few years, but a new system is always possible.

If Quantic is in fact unveiling its next project, we’re eager to see what it is.  Even though Heavy Rain came to an end all too soon, its interactiveness is off the charts compared to other efforts.  We can’t wait to see what’s next.