The people behind Heavy Rain are reportedly unveiling new IP at Sony’s E3 press conference.

“A trusted senior development source” spoke to CVG, letting them know the Parisian developer is currently not only making one but in fact two games for Sony, though whether these are both for the PS3 is unclear.

David Cage, Quantic Dream’s founder released a short film/tech demo called Kara back in March to exemplify the engine and motion-capture technology the studio are using for their next title. It’s well worth the seven minutes of your life and is likely, if you’re anything like me, to leave you wanting more (it's below, watch in HD if you can).

We don’t know much about the next game Cage has in the works other than the fact it’s being designed for a mature audience.

"What we're trying to create is really interactive entertainment for an adult audience," he explained.

"We don't pretend that we're cleverer than anyone else - but there are so many games out there that provide limited entertainment, and we try to make something for a more mature audience.

"You can reach this mass of people who don't play, or who play less through casual gaming or family gaming. What we try do is convince them to play again by giving them some adult content, some adult experiences and saying this is for you guys. It's for people expecting something else from gaming than just fun and adrenaline."

No comment from Sony as of yet.