Quake 2 Remastered is Real and It’s Out Now with New DLC

Experience the definitive sci-fi FPS all over again.

Quake 2 strogg soldiers running at the player
Image via Bethesda / id Software

It’s QuakeCon weekend, baby. Three days of one of the world’s biggest LAN parties has kicked off with blood, sweat, gibs, and new announcements. To start off the celebration, Bethesda and id Software have revealed the surprise release of Quake 2 Remastered – the first sequel of the genre-defining franchise that changed the world of first-person shooters forever.

But it’s not just a complete overhaul of the original game; Quake 2 Remastered includes a brand-new expansion, “Call of the Machine”, packed with 28 new levels.

Quake 2 Remastered is the Complete Sci-Fi Package

Bethesda left nothing on the table with this one, as Quake 2 Remastered is jam-packed and full of content. The remaster includes high-definition widescreen support, enhanced models, improved enemy animations and gore, improved enemy AI behavior, enhanced cinematics, and plenty of graphical improvements.

For $9.99 USD, Quake 2 Remastered will get you:

  • The original, completely remastered Quake II experience
  • “The Reckoning” first expansion pack
  • “Ground Zero” second expansion pack
  • “Call of the Machine” third, brand-new expansion pack
  • Quake II 64
  • Online and Local Multiplayer and Co-op
  • Crossplay functionality
  • Motion Aiming for PlayStation

If you already own the original Quake 2 on Steam, you’ll receive the Remaster as a completely free upgrade.

Trailer via Bethesda / id Software

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Quake 2 marked a change in the franchise, transitioning the story from its Lovecraftian-horror roots into the dystopian sci-fi shooter it is today. If you’ve never played a Quake game before, now’s the perfect time to jump in and experience the franchise that continues to influence the FPS genre decades after its release.

Quake 2 Remastered is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It’s even available on Xbox/PC Game Pass.

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