Player Unknown's Battlegrounds or PUBG is one of the most popular battle royale games in the world and was at the forefront of pushing the genre to the top of the video game industry. This level of popularity led to a large number of players being extremely excited on Wednesday, July 17th, as the next chapter in the life of PUBG was revealed with the release of the title's Season 4 trailer and start date. 

Season 4 of PUBG will officially arrive on PC on Wednesday, July 24th with its release coming to consoles in late Summer. In addition to the announcement of the release date for Season 4 of PUBG, a cinematic trailer was also revealed to community members, and it finally gave players their first look at the lore behind the battle royale game's very first map of Erangel. 

The Season 4 cinematic trailer for PUBG shows off how a massive conflict took place on the island of Erangel in 1965 through the perspective of a man who survived the fighting when he was a young boy. This conflict led to Erangel becoming the first Battleground of the PUBG universe where individuals battle against each other to be the last survivor. 

This is the first time that any official lore has been given about the PUBG universe and could be a hint towards a larger focus on storytelling from the developers of the battle royale game heading into the future. 

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