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PUBG To Add Killcam and Full Replay Suite in Final Release

by Josh Hawkins

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds—better known as PUBG to its community—has built up quite an audience for itself since the game’s original release earlier in the year. Each day that goes by brings the game closer to it’s official launch date out of Early Access, and today the PUBG developers are pleased to announce that the company has teamed with Minkonet to bring a 3D replay system to the game.

Built from the ground up, the replay system will allow optional Killcams to be viewed, that way players can strategize and see what they did wrong in a situation that ended in their demise. Players will also get to see seamless playback of their own gameplay, as well as follow the actions of other users closely in a spectator type mode.

Minkonet—for those who don’t know—has prided itself on redefining how people watch and play video games since the company’s creation in 2014, and seeing the team over there teaming up with PUBG is huge news. Players can expect 360-degree coverage of the area around their death, allowing users to more accurately tell if someone is cheating or not. This will not only make the reporting process easier, but it will make exposing said cheaters much easier as well.

The full suite of 3D replay solutions will include a replay highlight cam, esports cam, streamer cam, and even a cinemax cam. This will allow players to unleash all types of content within the PUBG world, helping to increase the amount of exposure that the game has.

Josh Hawkins

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