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Psychonauts 2 Delayed Until Next Year

by Liana Ruppert

Double Fine has officially announced that Psychonauts 2 has been delayed until 2020 in a new statement to fans anxiously awaiting the highly anticipated new sequel. 

“There really shouldn’t be too many other noticeable changes for you at all, at least not for a while…with one notable exception: We’re now targeting next year for release,” reads the lengthy post the team shared on the game’s official website. “We know it’s always disappointing when you have to wait a bit longer, but we also know that you are an amazing, supportive bunch, who–just like us–want the game to be as good as possible.”

While disappointing about the delay, it bodes well for the quality of care the developers are giving to this sequel rather than rushing off a half-cocked title to hit a projected date. We know Psychonauts 2 is in good hands, especially after the incredible E3 look they gave us upon the Microsoft stage. For now, all we can do is trust that the studio is doing what they can and continue being excited for what’s next. 

Haven’t played the first game yet from when it first released years ago? Here’s what you need to know: 

“This classic action/adventure platformer from acclaimed developers Double Fine Productions follows the story of a young psychic named Razputin. In his quest to join the Psychonauts–an elite group of international psychic secret agents–he breaks into their secret training facility: Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. But this is no average psychic summer camp! A mysterious villain has kidnapped Raz’s fellow campers and stolen their brains. Now he must use his psychic powers of Telekinesis, Levitation, and most of all his ability to project himself into the minds of others–to find the loose noodles and keep them from falling into the wrong hands. Fight mental demons! Uncover hidden memories! Sort emotional baggage! Explore the fantastic realm of the inner mind! Join the Psychonauts!”

Liana Ruppert

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