PSA: You Can Lock Yourself Out of Phantom Liberty’s Campaign in Cyberpunk 2077 If You’re Not Careful

Put the pedal to the floor, or you may lose access to the new DLC.

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With the recent release of Cyberpunk 2077 Version 2.0 and its DLC, Phantom Liberty, there has never been a better reason to return to Night City. However, if you’re anything like me and you haven’t touched the game since it launched, you may want to attempt to familiarize yourself with the controls once more before starting the newest story missions. If you don’t have the pedal to the metal, you may find yourself locked out of the Phantom Liberty campaign.

Tweet via @SynthPotato on X (Formerly known as Twitter)

Thanks to a post on X (formerly known as Twitter) by games journalist @SynthPotato, it has been discovered that players can instantly fail the DLC and find themselves locked out of the goodness that follows if they aren’t keeping up with the hectic pace at the start of this mission.

If players don’t properly complete the objective, they’ll find that the NPC that they were supposed to speak with has been killed, leaving them without a purpose and the story unable to be continued. Thankfully, according to a reply that he put on the original post, you can just load a quick save and restart the mission to avoid meeting this fate once again.

Interaction between users @itscalledtwitta and @SynthPotato on X (Formerly known as Twitter)

Not only is this an interesting way to start the game, but it also helps keep the flow of this starting mission feeling as tense and hectic as it possibly can. You can’t take your time here, otherwise, you’re going to lose access to the plethora of new content that is waiting for you in Phantom Liberty.

It’s neat to see CD Projekt RED include subtle variations in the content such as this as an extra way to keep players on their toes. While this may just be the first of many big discoveries waiting for us in the Phantom Liberty DLC campaign, I’m intrigued to see what else may be waiting for us down the line.

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