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PS3 Gets Firmware Update 4.20

by Prima Games Staff

Sony has announced that today will see an update for the PlayStation 3 firmware.

Your PlayStation 3’s firmware will be a v2.40, and includes some adjustments to functionality to smooth out the performance and usability of the console.

Update v4.10 brought with it the ability to listen to your own voice with the Wireless Stereo Headset. This update will enable players to adjust the volume at which they hear it, or turn it off entirely. There’s also the addition of headphone 5.1. Snazzy.

Update v4.20 also adds a standard time at which the PS3 will auto power-off, though this can be changed.

The last update that’s been detailed allows users to copy more than one bit of saved data a time so shifting large amounts of data isn’t quite as time-consuming.

There’ll be more details on the PlayStation Blog at some point today.