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Project GG Revealed With First Teaser Trailer, “A 100% PlatinumGames Title” Says Hideki Kamiya

by Liana Ruppert

We’ve got our first look at one of the several projects that PlatinumGames has up their sleeves and this one includes scary mysterious creatures and adorable puppers, so instantly we knew we were down. Even better? Helming this project is Hideki Kamiya himself, a known name in the industry with a following that loves and admires the incredible stories he is able to tell. 


The game’s director took to the PlatinumGames website to reveal the latest trailer in addition to saying a few heartfelt words to let fans know what they can expect. Keep in mind that this is just a teaser trailer, a bigger deep dive is still on the way. 

From NieR to Astral Chain, the Platinum umbrella is massive but the team is looking to expand what they are capable of in terms of publishing and their own creative vision: 

“Of course, everyone at Platinum and I are extremely grateful for the relationship that we’ve made with all of you through the games we’ve made so far,” said the creator in a recent blog post. “But ultimately, all of those games belong to publishers. Any and all decisions about how those games are promoted, how their content is used, and so on, are entirely up to the publisher.

“As a creator, it’s hard not to think of my games as my children. After all, it takes a lot of hard work to raise them up, and a lot of love, too. However, once they’re done, any choices about them are entirely out of my hands. So, for example, no matter how many times people tell me, “You should make a sequel to this game,” or, “I’d love to see it on that console,” there’s nothing I can do about it.”

He also promised that this is a different kind of game, something unlike anything they’ve ever done before and anything else currently on the market: 

Project G.G. is different. Unlike any of the games we’ve made so far, it’s going to be a 100% PlatinumGames title. For everything from its setting and characters, to its game design and story, to how it’s promoted – PlatinumGames is in full control.

Of course, that has its downsides, too. We’ll be taking on new risks that we’ve never had to assume before as a contracted developer. Having full control over the Project G.G. IP gives us a ton of freedom, but also a ton of responsibility. Still, I think we can harness that sense of responsibility and turn it into motivation to make Project G.G. the best game it can be.

Like I said before, with Project G.G., we’re stepping up to a starting line. The finish line is still a long way away. But I know I’m looking forward to running the race! I hope you’ll cheer us on.

You can learn even more about the upcoming Project G.G title right here through the official blog! 

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