We have to admit, there’s kind of a guilty pleasure in pitting well-armed soldiers against dinosaurs that look like they just came out of Jurassic Park.

We’ve been playing the Primal Carnage beta for the past few weeks on both sides, engaging in bringing down a T-Rex with powerful ammunition and indulging in a car full of mercs on the flip side.  And soon, you’ll be able to experience it as well.

Reverb Publishing has announced that it will be launching the full Primal Carnage game for download on PC and Steam this coming Monday, October 29th.  You can pre-order it through various retailers, including GameStop, and purchase it on the Steam site as well.  You’ll also earn a cool little raptor skin as a bonus.

The game approaches multiplayer with a unique angle.  If you play through the eyes of the soldiers, it’s a first-person perspective, like you’d find in most shooters these days.  However, playing as the dinos gives you a third-person perspective, so you have a better layout of your surroundings, as well as future meals.

If you like multiplayer oddities, then Primal Carnage is the way to go.