Steam can be a gift and a curse sometimes.  On the one hand there are a lot of great game deals, but on the other it would be nice to save some money to eat.

A new Unreal Engine 3 bundle has been introduced, one that allows you to get seven great games in one shot for just $19.99.  These games include The Ball (by Teotl), Dungeon Defenders (by Trendy Entertainment), Primal Carnage (by Lukewarm Media), Q.U.B.E. (by Toxic Games), Sanctum (by Coffee Stain Studios), Unmechanical (by Teotl Studios and Talawa Games) and Waves (by Squid In a Box).  All fairly good titles, particularly Primal Carnage pitting soldiers against dinosaurs.  And fittingly so.

There's no word on when the bundle will stop being sold, so we suggest jumping on it sooner rather than later.  You can buy the games here and we'll see you online.  (In case you miss us, we'll be stomping around as T-Rexes.)