Pride Returns to Old School RuneScape with 2023 Pride Event

Spread the love in OSRS this June!

The Pride event in Old School RuneScape returns in 2023, titled The Perplexed Poets, which aims to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community in Gielinor. This is the third Pride event that has been held in RuneScape, and it is looking to be quite a fun celebration. RuneScape has always given players the opportunity to play as they want to, present how they want to, and not be locked into a class. Jagex wants players to know that this freedom in regard to their game character should extend to themselves and that they should be celebrated for it! So, let’s celebrate inclusivity with the 2023 Old School RuneScape Pride Event.

OSRS Pride Event 2023

Image via Jagex

Running throughout the whole month of June, the main component of this year’s Pride celebration is the event in which the player helps a group of people construct the perfect love letters to invite their love interests to this year’s Pride march. The event can be started at the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock as seen in the above map, by talking to either BethanGregoryTabbitha, or Quinton. It is up to the player to get their letters in top shape so that they are successful in their endeavors. In return, the player is rewarded with some sweet items as seen below.

Love Crossbow

Image via Jagex

Poet’s Jacket

Image via Jagex

Pride Jumpers

Image via Jagex

Old School RuneScape In-Game Pride March

OSRS is hosting an in-game Pride March for the second time. The aim of the Pride March is to have everyone come together to celebrate who may not be able to do so in person. It will be held June 8, 2023, at 17:00 BST – 18:00 BST. Be sure to arrive wearing your most fabulous outfits!

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The following OSRS worlds are participating:

  • 500 – UK – (Official Livestream beginning 16:30 BST)
  • 427 – AU
  • 476 – USE
  • 435 – USW

The starting location for the Pride March is Gilbert’s flower patch near the bridge west of Varrock, and you can see the route on the map below.

Image via Jagex

It is lovely to see the Old School RuneScape celebrating its community. Hopefully, you can participate in the festivities during the month of June! Events are ongoing in Gielinor, and RuneScape is also currently hosting its 2023 The Beach event. It looks like there’s a lot of fun to be had no matter what version of the game that you partake in.

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