Prepare for Poppy Playtime to Get a Whole Lot Darker in Chapter 3

Oh yeah, this is a horror game–

Don’t let the charming curly-haired doll fool you, this game isn’t meant for the faint-hearted. Bendy and the Ink Machine may have had a classic cartoonish art style, and Security Breach was a massive throwback to the 80’s between its beautifully designed mascots and the mall aesthetic. However, Poppy Playtime was never one to hold back how dark it could truly be.

Poppy Playtime’s Chapter Three will be Returning in Winter 2023

Mob Entertainment promised that Chapter Three was going to deliver more scary vibes than previously, and with the release of their Chapter 3 Teaser Trailer, they surely delivered. Originally, this chapter was meant to be released at the beginning of the year but due to some work that still needed to be done on the game, it was pushed back.

And now the game developers have plenty of time to hype up the game in the meantime since it has been confirmed that the game will release sometime in the winter of this year, so probably around December like Security Breach was. This chapter will be dubbed Deep Sleep, following the theme of what theorists have been trying to unravel for months now.

Screenshot from Poppy Playtime: Chapter 3 – Teaser Trailer #2

In Chapter Three, players will be forced to investigate the Playcare area after their train has crashed due to something interfering with its path. The Playcare area was meant to house more of the younger children that couldn’t play and perform the activities that Mommy Long Legs organized for them. So, we’re likely to see more than one antagonist lurking in the dark for us, since we were provided with hints as to what different creatures may await players in the Playcare facility.

Not only have we yet to see the Bron, a mascot in Poppy Playtime, who is meant to be the joking dinosaur, but thus far, all we’ve seen is the weight Bron we use to solve a puzzle. In Mob Entertainment’s recent teasers, we’ve seen what has to be multiple creatures, one with giant claws that can rip through concrete and evidently other toys. The other has super dilated eyes and spews red smoke that indicates the biggest theme of the Playcare area, surviving against the smoke. Poppy as a flower is meant to induce sleep, however, it has been tied with hallucinogens as well, a theme we see in the messages clawed into the wall as well as scribbled by the children in Playcare. Players will be gifted a mask so as to survive against this dangerous gas that may just worsen our experience and what we perceive in the dark as our true enemies.

Screenshot from Poppy Playtime: Chapter 3 – Teaser Trailer #2

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This indicates that not only were the doctors of this facility gassing children but also causing them to have nightmares while being trapped with their caretakers. Portraits of children can be seen throughout the trailer with iconography that may hint at the fact that these children were paired with that specific toy in order to become them. We also see towards the end, an effigy of what looks to be multiple parts of toys from the franchise, put together in a sort of alter-like room. The messages from the wall indicate this may be “the original”, perhaps talking about Prototype 1006, the same creature that took away the remains of Mommy Long Legs. 

There are still many theories coming out about the limited trailer we’ve seen, but with many months to come until the third chapter, we’re sure to get more news by then.

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