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The Predator is Coming to Ghost Recon Wildlands

by Josh Hawkins

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 30 years since the original Predator movie took science fiction fans by storm, and now to help celebrate the series’ anniversary, Ubisoft and FoxNext Games have partnered up to bring the ultimate hunt to Wildland’s expansive world.

Beginning December 14, players will be able to login to Ghost Recon Wildlands and go on a hunt for the Predator, the ultimate killing machine. The new challenge will be available in both solo and four-player cooperative mode, allowing users to tackle it any way that they choose.

Completing the challenge and taking down the Predator won’t be easy. But, if you and your friends can pull it off, you’ll receive several exclusive items like the Predator Mask, which includes the famed Predator Vision. Players will also receive multiple customization options and be able to arm themselves with the Predator Pack, which includes a total of 15 new customization options, weapons, and an exclusive move that can be used in close combat.

On top of all these rewards, the update will also include the new Ghost War class, which is inspired by Dutch, the main character in the original Predator movie. This will allow offensive players to enter something called “Battle Rage” and take on their enemies in Ghost Recon Wildlands new PVP mode. Ghost War players can pick up the new class through the Season Pass, or by picking up the Ghost War Pass, or by purchasing it directly with their Prestige Points.

Make sure you don’t dawdle, though, as this special challenge will only be available until early January. We’ll be sure to update the article when an official end date is marked, but for now, get ready to dive in and show the Predator who the boss is. If you’re just now playing through Wildlands, be sure to check out our Ghost Recon Wildlands guide for plenty of in-depth help on how to get the best weapons in the game.