The Pokemon GO Battle League is kicking off with a lot of momentum and while there are rumblings of a more detailed - and remote - battle raid system on the way, right now Niantic is celebrating the GO Battle League Leaderboards with a special Marill event for trainers to take part in. For those looking to catch 'em all, here's what you need to know about the Pokemon GO Battle Day Marill event! 

Pokemon GO Battle Day Marill Event

The Pokemon GO Battle Day Marill event basically unloads a ton of Marills into the game for players to take on and earn as a reward. Repeated encounters turn Marill into a true star in terms of player focus, which is just the latest development for the new Battle Days series that Niantic has ongoing. 

The Pokemon GO Battle Day Marill event kicks off on April 12 for Easter Sunday and will shine that glorious spotlight on the adorable Aqua Mouse with specific activities specific to this type of Pokemon. With the evolution into Azumarill, this is a great incentive for players to get into the game and get in on that Marill hype! 

According to Niantic, the more GO Battle League battles players win from 11 AM to 2 PM UTC, the more Marill encounters will pop up! This basic reward is guaranteed every time after the first and third wins. With the use of a Premium Battle Pass, Marill will then appear after every single win for a little Premium incentive. 

In addition to the many Marill encounters, Pokemon GO players will also receive double the amount of Catch Stardust while also taking part in 20 sets of the GO Battle League battles, which is increased from the usual 5 sets, which then equals to a total of 100 battles! 

Niantic also teases that there are still a few more surprises slated for April but until those are revealed, this is what you need to know about the Pokemon GO Battle Day Marill event! Happy hunting!