The Pokemon Company released new trailers for both Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, as well as a new trailer for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. 

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl, and Legends Recieve New Trailers Showing Off Pokemon, Gyms, & More

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are coming out next month, and while they are remakes or the original DS games, there is still plenty we don’t know about them. This latest trailer doesn’t give us a ton of new information but does show off Team Galactic, some Legendary Pokemon, and some pre-order bonuses.

The trailer takes us through the different members of Team Galactic, like its commanders Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn, as well as the leader Cyrus. The in-game models look pretty good and we’re excited to revisit these battles next month. 

As for the early purchase items you’ll be able to get, players can get the outfit from Pokemon Platinum for both the male and female characters, as well as a Manaphy Egg so they can have their very own legendary Pokemon. 

You can check out the new trailer right below.

As for the Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer, it shows off the recently announced Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark in action. We now know for certain that these Pokemon are Ghost/Normal type which is an interesting pairing considering those are polar opposites. 

We see some brief battles with the Pokemon and then it flashes to a screen that introduces what the early purchase bonuses are. 

If you buy the game early you’ll get access to the Baneful Fox Mask cosmetic item, as well as the Growlithe Kimono set and 30 heavy balls. 

It’s not much, but it’s something to look at if you’re interested. 

Well, that’s everything from the upcoming Pokemon games. What did you think of these trailers? Be sure to let us know on the official Prima Games Twitter and Facebook, or leave us a comment down below!