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Pokemon and Adidas Together Again For New Shoe Collaboration

by Liana Ruppert

Pokemon and Adidas are pairing up once more for a new shoe collaboration that’s perfect for Summer. The prominent shoe company offered sprite-inspired sneakers last year but it looks like they are moving on to more festive footwear for the hot months ahead. The result? Adorable slides perfect for Pokemon fans. 

While adorable, there is one small downsize. Literally. They’re only made for kids. I’ve never personally been happier to have baby feet in my life, so it looks like if you want to score these you’re going to need a small shoe size or get really comfy with being uncomfy. The price we pay for fashion. 

Update: After publishing this article, the shoes in question already went out of stock. No word yet on when restocks will be coming back.

If slides aren’t your fancy or if you have adult-sized feet, there is another option with the Hoops Mid 2.0 line that has subtle Pokemon additions to the soles and to the back of the shoe itself. They’re pretty dope, and they’re only 39 bucks! Check those bad boys out below: 

With Summer in full swing and quarantine restrictions lifting, it’s a good time to get those Summer vibes on. Still, we’d love to see more variety, and given the popularity of Pokemon it’s possible that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of a Pokemon x Adidas collaboration. You can learn more about the current options available right here!

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What do you think about the new Summer Pokemon sliders from Adidas? Too cool for school, or a hard pass? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames and tell us what you think about the latest collaboration from Adidas and what you’d like to see next! 

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