This morning PlayStation unveiled the new controller for the next generation of PlayStation VR. Previously it was using a version of the PlayStation move controllers, which were created originally for the PlayStation 3. These new controllers are vastly different from that design.

PlayStation VR New Controllers Revealed, Features Major Improvements

The controller takes on an orb shape, it’s sort of a cross between the Oculus Touch controllers and the HTC Vive.  The VR controller features adaptive triggers, the same triggers found in the Dualsense controller. It also features haptic feedback to further immerse the player in the VR space.

The PlayStation Blog also goes on to state that the controllers have a built-in finger touch detection which can help more naturally represent hand gestures in-game. 

The PlayStation Move controllers used the PlayStation camera for tracking, while this new controller is tracked by the headset using a tracking ring that is found at the bottom of the controller. This should help mitigate a lot of the tracking issues found in the first model of PSVR. 

Since it is still a PlayStation controller it has all of the buttons you would need to navigate menus and other areas of the UI. It features an analog stick and a trigger on each controller. 

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