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PlayStation Sales Figures

by Bryan Dawson

During the Sony IR Day 2016, Executive Vice President Andrew House discussed some interesting sales figures and user base numbers for the PlayStation 4 console and PlayStation Plus online gaming service. According to the report, the PlayStation 4 currently has an installed user base of 40 million consoles worldwide. That’s significantly faster than all previous PlayStation consoles, with the closest being the PlayStation 2 which took two additional sales quarters (over six months) to reach that number.

Alongside the user base numbers, House also reported that the total number of PlayStation Network users has surpassed 60 million, with 20.8 million having a PlayStation Plus subscription. These PSN numbers span the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, but having over one-third of the PSN user base paying for PS Plus is a significant achievement for Sony.

With PlayStation VR coming later this year, things are certainly looking up for Sony and the PlayStation line of products.

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