PlayStation Plus subscribers certainly have it good as of late.  Just weeks after getting both NBA Jam: On Fire Edition and the Mega Man 9 and 10 bundle offered up at no charge, they'll be getting their own Horseman at no cost as well.

THQ's Darksiders, a splendid action/adventure that has you fighting enemies following a mighty apocalypse, is being offered as the latest freebie in the PlayStation Plus program, and while it does take up a huge amount of hard drive space (10 GB), it's hard to argue with the price tag.  Plus, Mark Hamill's in it.  Consider us sold.  The game should be free over the next week, so download it while you can.

Meanwhile, if you seek additional discounts on items, you can pick up the puzzle/action game Star Drone for relatively cheap, snagging it for just around $2.00.  That's a small price to pay for good fun.

Check out these deals when the PlayStation Store updates later today.