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PlayStation Plus Free Games for November Revealed

by Liana Ruppert

Xbox Games With Gold were revealed earlier today, now it’s PlayStation’s turn! For those that are members of Sony’s PlayStation Plus service, every month new games are available for active members to enjoy for free. They are yours to keep as long as that paid membership remains active. So what does the PlayStation Plus free games for November look like? Let’s dive right in: 

PlayStation Plus Free Games for November

The two newest titles to become free for PlayStation Plus members are Nioh and Outlast 2. Outlast 2 is beyond perfect because those the Season of Spoops is over soon with Halloween doesn’t mean those scares have to stop. Plus Outlast is just downright terrifying, making it the perfect addition for any horror fans! 

Nioh is also a gem, but prepare yourself – it’s hard. The story is incredible, the combat is satisfying – everything about it we can’t recommend enough! 

It’s important to remember that these games are yours to keep as long as your PlayStation Plus membership remains active. Once the membership runs out, access to those titles are no more, so make sure to keep that service going so you don’t lose some of the more epic titles to make the PlayStation Plus lineup! 

It’s also not too late to scoop up October’s free games, which are available until November 4th, with The Last of Us Remastered and MLB: The Show 19! 

What do you think about the latest line-up with the PlayStation Plus free games for November? Worth it, or is Sony slacking? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames!


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