It's kind of funny how the PlayStation Network updates the PlayStation 3 more than any other console maker provides updates for its systems, but these are changes for the better, so you can't really complain too much – well, maybe during the loading screens…

Anyway, Sony has announced that they will be releasing a new firmware update, v4.30, for the PlayStation 3 starting tomorrow.  Before you can log in online, you'll be prompted to get the update, so it's kind of mandatory.

The update won't include the new PlayStation Network page design, but it will put some changes into effect on how you view Trophies, as you can now check out what you've earned on both PlayStation Vita and PS3 in one shot.  This makes keeping track of game progress a little easier.

However, on a down note, the update will also include the Life With PlayStation application, which was devoted to log-in time for medical research.  But don't feel so bad.  The program was a huge success, and the programmers were thankful for the progress it's made.

Check out the firmware update starting tomorrow.