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Sony Reportedly Skipping E3 2020, Rumored Big PS5 Reveal Coming Soon

by Liana Ruppert

While we expected to see a full PS5 reveal from Sony during CES this year following Microsoft’s big reveal at the Game Awards, it seems that Team Blue has its own timetable they are sticking to. It looks like that independence will also see Sony skipping out on their second E3 with E3 2020, at least according to a recent report, with a full PS5 reveal dropping soon. 

The original report came from VGC that included a massive report on when the PS5 would be revealed in its entirety. Industry analyst Michael Patcher has also stated that “as far as I know,” the Sony crew would be skipping out on this year’s E3 show. This speculation had an even bigger spotlight on it when Kotaku’s Jason Schreier and Niko Partner’s analyst Daniel Ahmad took to Twitter. 

But it’s not just what these two had to say or the original report. The idea that Sony would be skipping E3 2020 has been going around since the end of E3 last year. From then on we’ve had numerous reports, leaks, and analysts talking about why Sony would allegedly not be there. 

Though Sony’s absence was very much felt throughout the community last year, it will be interesting to see what next year will bring and how the attitude towards E3 evolves. Sony has already said that they will be at this year’s showcase if they have enough to share, which means E3 2020 may be an entirely new ballgame with the next generation of consoles on the horizon. That, or they might just come to the conclusion that they can have just as exciting reveals on their own dime. 

As for when the PS5 will be revealed, Sony has confirmed that they will be hosting their own event next month so if they do opt out of the E3-route, next month’s event would be the perfect opportunity to get in on the next-gen hype. 


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