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PlayStation 4 Updates Adds Remote Play to iOS

by Prima Games Staff

While support has unfortunately ceased for the PlayStation Vita, gamers will likely be happy to hear that Remote Play is now available on iOS devices thanks to a new PlayStation 4 update. This update officially went live today, with Remote Play now available to download for free on the Apple App Store.

In the past, Remote Play was exclusive to Windows PC, Mac, and Android, so it’s nice to hear that iOS users are able to take advantage of the feature. Note that the Remote Play app requires iOS 12.1 or later with supported devices including the iPhone 7 or newer, the iPad 6th generation and up, as well as the iPad Pro 2nd generation or newer. 

Additionally, access to WiFi and a PlayStation Network (PSN) account are required in order to use Remote Play on iOs. For those unfamiliar with Remote Play, it essentially lets gamers control their PlayStation 4 remotely. 

By streaming PlayStation 4 content to your iOS device, you can use things like your device’s microphone and keyboard in order to respond to chats. What’s more, you can play PS4 games on your device, though DualShock 4 controllers aren’t supported through this feature. Instead, you’ll need to use virtual controls on your device itself. 

Keep in mind that because you’re streaming games from your PlayStation 4, you’ll need to ensure the console is on prior to accessing the Remote Play app. If your PlayStation 4 is off, or in Sleep Mode, you won’t be able to properly utilize Remote Play features. 

For details on accessing and using Remote Play, head over to the official Remote Play page.

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