Players Eye the High Score Table as RuneScape’s Necromancy World’s First Race Begins

Necromancy has players race for a spot on the high score table.

RS Necromancy
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There is a lot of excitement around the release of RuneScape’s latest skill, Necromancy. RuneScape’s 29th skill offers something completely new that will permanently shake up the game’s mechanics. A new combat skill that sits outside of the existing combat triangle, and interacts with the vast combat-related content which already exists in the game. To elevate this excitement further, Jagex is hosting the first-ever skilling race. RuneScape’s Necromancy World’s First Race begins now.

RuneScape’s Latest Skill Has Players Compete for Top Spot

Players are currently racing to earn the most Necromancy XP and secure a spot on the Necromancy high score table. This isn’t a new concept as a significant portion of the RuneScape player base takes XP gain seriously. Every training method is specifically chosen with relevant buffs to provide the most efficient rate of XP possible. Top players are generally recognized in-game as well. Zezima, a RuneScape player who held the top spot years ago, is still a well-known name in the community.

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Many of the competitors are streaming their race to the top on Twitch, and it is illustrated by an official Necromancy World’s First Race watermark in the corner. Jagex is following online with the streamers and announcing significant milestones on their social media channels.

It will be interesting to see where these Necromancy focused players end up. With no specific goal set by Jagex, it is up to personal preference. Will they aim for 99? Or will they try to go for 120? Or is just getting their name on the high-score table enough? It’s an interesting idea, and at the very least it will not be long until the most effective training methods are discovered and shared due to the race to the top.

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