Inside Game Walkthrough – The Farm

Deal with dead pigs and take control of humanoids as you push through the farm area.

As you move through the cornfield, there’s a hatch hidden toward the end. Just before you get to the small clearing within the cornfield, press X to grab the hatch. If you have trouble finding it, you can just rapidly press X as you move through the cornfield and you’ll stop as soon as you hit the hatch. Open the hatch from the left side, then climb down the ladder below. Head left toward the red light to find the second hidden orb. Pull out the rod, then head to the right and back up the ladder.

Continue through the cornfield and past the two lights in the background as chicks start to clamor at your feet. When you reach the bar, jump onto the rope and climb to the top so you’re adjacent with the second floor opening. Swing left and right to pick up momentum, then jump across into the barn.

Drop down to the first floor of the barn and head back to the left to open the door to let the chicks in. Move to the middle of the bottom floor (to the right of the lever) and pull the cord attached to the machine several times until it starts up. When it’s running there’s a yellow light on the lever you just passed.

Before you access the lever, move to far right and let the chicks follow you. When you move back to the lever some of the chicks will move into the machine. Now you can pull the lever and hold it in the active position (pulled to the left) and chicks will fly out of the top of the machine, hitting the stack of hay sitting above. This knocks down the hay so you can use it to traverse the wall to the right.

When you reach the top, climb up the ladder to get to the rooftop. Continue to the right and jump off the roof and into the cart below. Grab the cart and push it to the left until you reach the wooden wall. Climb on top of the cart and pull back one of the boards on the wall.

Squeeze through the narrow gap you just created, then climb up the rope in the center of the next room. When you reach the top, swing back and forth to gain momentum so you can jump over to the platform on the left. Continue to the left to find the third secret orb. Pull out the rod, then head back down the rope and back outside.

Push the cart to the far right and use it to get to the roof above. Climb over the fence ahead and continue past the two pigs on the ground. One of them wakes up and charges toward you. Face the pig and jump over it as it charges past.

Keep moving to the right and jumping over the pig that continues to charge at you. When you reach the wall avoid the pig one more time and it will charge right into the wall, creating a hole you can move through. Head into the building and the pig is still charging at you. Move to the next wall to the far right and jump the pig so it rams into the wall. This stops the pig from charging again.

At this point you need to pull the leech out of the pig’s behind. Move over to the pig and grab the leech, then pull until it comes out. Now the pig is awake but no longer charges at you. Drag the pig back over to the hanging light in the center of the room. Use the pig like a ladder and jump to the light.

Once you’ve installed yourself in the light fixture you can now control the four humanoids in the background. First move them all the way to the right so that all four are on the lower level. Now move them back to the left until two of them are standing at the gate. Grab the gate to make these two kneel down, then while they’re in the kneeling position (keep the Grab button held down) move right to make the other two move to the gate as well.

With all four humanoids on the gate, raise it so that you’ve removed all obstacles separating the four humanoids. Move all four to the far right, grab the wall and pull it left to remove the obstacles in your path. Once this is done you can drop down from the light fixture and continue on your way. Drop down into the next area and raise the gate to the far right to get outside again. You have now entered the Factory area.

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