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Pirates Are on the Way in Fortnite Season 8

by Prima Games Staff

Fortnite Season 8 begins in just a few days and Epic Games has begun teasing a Pirate theme through a series of lyrical tweets.

The first tweet was posted Sunday and includes an image of a piratey hook hand and the text: 

“’X’ Marks The Spot 

Treasure abound

Loot that has been lost

Can always be found. 

4 days to Season 8.”

The pirate theming is clear, but what does this mean for the Fortnite island? Cracks and fissures have been appearing across the island, so could we see it split into separate lands, reachable only via pirate ship? Could loot that has been lost refer to vaulted weapons? That may be a step too far, but the Fortnite community has always been one to dream big.

The second tweet has just arrived today, and points towards treasure hidden in a cave and invaders arriving by sea:

“Sssomething shimmers

Within the cave… 

But beware of those 

Who arrive on waves. 

3 days to Season 8.”

We also see an image of a snake, which could either be the symbol of the invading pirate forces, or a hint at some sort of trap guarding the aforementioned treasure.

In a recent AMA on Reddit, lead designer Eric Williamson hinted that bananas could play a big roll in Season 8, which combined with the pirate theme draws immediate comparisons with Rare’s banana-munching Sea of Thieves, which also contains pirates and angry snakes.

Season 8 kicks off on February 28, and you can earn the Battle Pass for free by completing the Overtime challenges currently active in the game. If you’re planning to play Fortnite during the coming season, it’s well worth hopping back in now to obtain that Battle Pass for free while you can. 

We’re expecting more teasers on the way in the run up to launch, so keep an eye on the official Fortnite Twitter account until Season 8 begins on February 28.

Prima Games Staff

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