We love it when an independent gaming hit is given a release date and a chance to shine on its own terms – kind of like what Retro City Rampage did earlier this week on PlayStation Network.

Might & Delight, the developers of the gravity shifting platforming adventure game Pid, have finally given their work a release date.  It'll arrive on both Xbox Live Arcade and Steam on October 31st, Halloween, for a bargain basement price of $9.99.  That's a swell deal.  And don't worry, PlayStation Network subscribers, you'll get a chance to pick it up when it releases for your platform later this year.

The game features the story of a boy who's able to change gravity on the fly, an ability that proves to be quite useful when it comes navigating through tricky puzzles after landing on an uninhabited planet.

If you're a fan of games like Braid or Limbo, this will definitely be up your alley.