ReedPop and Penny Arcade shared potential dates for PAX East, PAX West, and PAX Unplugged in 2021. If it’s deemed safe to do so, PAX East could potentially be held from June 3 to June 6 in Boston, MA.

The idea of a PAX East in Boston during the summer is certainly tempting, but there are also some genuine concerns in regards to what the COVID-19 situation might look like in June. 

PAX Shares Tentative Dates for East, West, and Unplugged in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the closure and cancellation of a number of events, including PAX events in 2020 like PAX West and PAX Unplugged. Interestingly, PAX East was able to proceed back in March before lockdowns began, and for many PAX East was the last event they were able to attend.

It's a positive memory in a year that's been anything but positive. It would be strangely perfect if the first event people were able to attend (if it’s safe to do so in the wake of COVID-19) is PAX East 2021. Personally, we remain cautiously optimistic because at this point, cautious optimism is all we’ve got. We’ll have to wait and see what May and June 2021 has in store.

Should PAX East 2021 not happen this coming June, the dates for PAX West and PAX Unplugged feel a bit more realistic and doable, with PAX West scheduled for September 3 through September 6, and PAX Unplugged happening in December. 

We can’t help but be hopeful because at the end of the day, we love the PAX events. They’re great for indies and tabletop communities that don’t get as much opportunity to shine at larger events like E3. We want PAX to be able to flourish and thrive.

So, if it’s deemed safe to do so, we look forward to the potential return of PAX next year. Maybe, knock on wood, fingers crossed.