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Overwatch Hero 31 Sigma Possibly Leaked

by Nicholas Barth

One of the best parts of Overwatch is the roster of characters that players can use when they are engaging in the high-octane action the first-person shooter is known for. With the roster of heroes being a major focal point of Overwatch, the game’s community is always on the lookout for who may be the next character to join the Overwatch roster. This was the case on Thursday, July 18th when community members spotted what looks to possibly be a leak giving us our first look at the name and face of Hero 31, Sigma. 

This leak of Sigma or Hero 31 surfaced from the Twitter account of the Overwatch World Cup team for Mexico. The team tweeted a series of images regarding the confirmation of a role queue feature coming to the title.

However, in one of these images, the temp art showed a player’s profile where a character by the name of Sigma had a total playtime of nine minutes. With Sigma not being a current member of the game’s roster, community members began to speculate that the World Cup team for Mexico had possibly leaked the true identity of Hero 31. 

It is important to note Blizzard has not yet officially confirmed Hero 31 to be Sigma. This means the picture and name seen in the image above could just be placeholders for the upcoming character. 

While the identity of Overwatch Hero 31 being Sigma does not look like it will be confirmed by Blizzard for some time, the community can enjoy the speculation regarding which character will be the next to join the game’s diverse roster.



Nicholas Barth

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