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Overwatch 2 Leak Reveals New Maps, PvE, and More

by Liana Ruppert

There have been rumblings about an Overwatch 2 for a while now and with BlizzCon kicking off later this week, those rumors are in high gear. ESPN just leaked a ton of info regarding what Blizzard Entertainment is reportedly revealing this year including new game modes, a brand new logo, PvE, and so much more. 

We first learned that an Overwatch sequel was in the works back in June but now ESPN is alleging that they have a document that offers a first look at what to expect.Since the leak has spread like wildfire, here’s the gist of what they shared. 

The logo, for starters, will now have a little Half-Life flair with a small orange 2 in the top right corner. The upcoming sequel will also have Hero talents and special in-game items within its PvE portion including a 4-player mission campaign set in Rio de Janeiro. This is a slight changeup from the usual 6v6. 

The first Overwatch had a ton of lore despite its deceptively simplistic setup. From voice lines that change depending on your party setup that reveal past connections, to Easter eggs hidden throughout the map, there was a lot of history with these characters and that will be explored more in the sequel. According to the report, Overwatch 2 will focus much more on story and “narrative elements.” 

There will also be various game modes as well including the first new one. According to the doc, here’s the modes players can look forward to:

  • Push
  • Assault
  • Control
  • Escort
  • Hybrid

Push will reportedly debut alongside the brand new Toronto map.

The Overwatch franchise started out with a huge bang, becoming a billion-dollar franchise in its first year. That being said, as the years went on and players started noticing that the “new” seasonal events were just repeats of the same, more and more players became frustrated with the lack of story and unbalanced game modes. Blizzard took shots at these issues by implementing strategies like their 2/2/2, but it seems like it was too little too late for many. 

Right now is a very chaotic time for the company amidst Hong Kong controversies and an overall mistrust from the community with Activision’s influence so it will be interesting to see how the reaction fares during BlizzCon this year. 

Liana Ruppert

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