Old School RuneScape’s Speedrun Cup 3 Sees Players Compete for a Real Money Cash Pool

Push your cash stacks aside as there's real money at stake.

OSRS Speedrun Cup 3
Image via Jagex

Old School RuneScape players are excited to see the return of the Speedrun Cup for the third time! The Speedrun Cup sees some of the best Old School RuneScape players demonstrate their raw talent as they race to slay some of the game’s most iconic bosses.

Each Speedrun Cup gains more and more traction. This year Jagex has partnered with EVScape, Hooti & Crusader Talent for the event. The first Speedrun Cup saw players compete for a $2000 prize pool, whilst the second iteration of the event changed the prize to a whopping 2,250,000,000 GP – RuneScape’s in-game currency. The upcoming Speedrun Cup sees a return of a real money cash prize, exceeding the previous offering, with a generous $5000 prize pool.

The official Speedrun Cup 3 trailer has Old School RuneScape fans excited for the upcoming event. The trailers creators, Uber and Hooti have collaborated seamlessly to show off the 2007 version of RuneScape in all of its old-school glory.

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Old School RuneScape’s Speedrun Cup III will be hosted on EVScape’s Twitch channel, and fans can watch the action live at the following times.

The Quarter Finals will be held at the following times.

  • BST – Thursday, August 17th at 3pm.
  • EDT – Thursday, August 17th at 10am.
  • PDT – Thursday, August 17th at 7am.
  • AEST – Friday, August 18th at 12am.

The Semi Finals will be held at the following times.

  • BST – Friday, August 18th at 3pm.
  • EDT – Friday, August 18th at 10am.
  • PDT – Friday, August 18th at 7am.
  • AEST – Saturday, August 19th at 12am.

The Grand Final will be held at the following times. 

  • BST – Saturday, August 19th at 11am.
  • EDT – Saturday, August 19th at 6am.
  • PDT – Saturday, August 19th at 3am.
  • AEST – Saturday, August 19th at 8pm.

Old School RuneScape fans will not want to miss this exciting experience which showcases the best of the best PVM players as they demonstrate their raw bossing talent in absolute style. With a large cash prize on the line, viewers are bound to witness an exhilarating event.

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