Anyone paying attention to PC gaming lately is well aware that there’s been some real turmoil in the graphics card space.

Thanks to the huge numbers involved in cryptocurrency, gamers have been fighting against digital coin miners for product, tanking availability and skyrocketing prices.

Today, NVIDIA has announced a major attempt at a solution.

NVIDIA Fights GPU Scarcity With New Card Built for Crypto Mining

On February 25, 2021, NVIDIA will be launching its RTX 3060, the latest GPU card aimed at gamers. And, in order to fight crypto miners, the company is attacking these cards’ ability to mine on a software level.

The RTX 3060 drivers are limiting the “hash” rate, which will effectively drop the card’s mining efficiency by 50 percent or close to it.

Now, NVIDIA also knows that crypto miners are obvious revenue sources, so the company has announced a new card dedicated to this purpose. 

It’s called the NVIDIA CMP, which is short for Cryptocurrency Mining Processor. These cards are built specifically for mining, to the extent they don’t even have display outputs.

They’re designed to be comfortably groupable, with added airflow and lower voltage demands. By offering this product aimed at optimizing mining, NVIDIA hopes to ensure customers who want GPU cards for their intended purpose are able to do so.

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