Not many movies can really celebrate the lexicon of video games as we know it – and no, we refuse to count Resident Evil: Retribution – but there are those who wish to tribute it in their own funny way, and among them are the creators of Noobz the Movie, which first got its premiere back at E3 earlier this year before eventually fading into the "when is it coming out" category.  But good news, folks, the Noobz shall rise again.

It's been announced today that the movie will hit theaters for a limited time on January 25th, before hitting DVD and video-on-demand on January 29th.  Written and directed by Blake Freeman, the movie stars Jason Mewes (yes, Jay from Jay and Silent Bob) and Casper Van Dien (that dude from Starship Troopers) as they head to Los Angeles in an effort to obliterate others in the Cyberbown Video Games Championships.

We've included the trailer here if you want to get a better idea of what it's all about.  Looks like fun, in an escapism, "I'd pwn these people" sort of way.