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Nintendo Switch Update Adds Bluetooth Audio Support

by Morgan Shaver

Earlier today, a new Nintendo Switch update dropped. In that update, it was revealed that a highly requested feature will now be available, Bluetooth audio support. It’s somewhat odd that Nintendo hasn’t added this feature sooner given that it’s been a little over four years since the Switch released, but hey we’ll take it! 

Nintendo Switch Update Adds Bluetooth Audio Support 

Bluetooth audio support is now available on the Nintendo Switch thanks to a surprise update. On social media, Nintendo announced that the latest Switch update is now available, and that it includes the “ability to pair Bluetooth devices for audio output.” 

The announcement from Nintendo includes a support link where Switch owners can find additional information in regards to the newly added bluetooth audio support. The information found on that page is as follows

  • Up to two wireless controllers can connect to a Nintendo Switch system while using Bluetooth audio. You will not be able to pair additional wireless controllers until you disconnect the Bluetooth audio device.

  • Bluetooth audio will be disconnected during local communication, such as when starting a local wireless multiplayer game.

  • Only one Bluetooth audio device can be paired at a time, but up to 10 devices can be saved on a Nintendo Switch system.

  • Bluetooth microphones cannot be used.

  • You may experience audio latency depending on your Bluetooth device.

As you can see, there are some limitations to the Bluetooth audio support such as only being able to use two wireless controllers while using Bluetooth audio, and how only one Bluetooth device is supported at a time. 

Overall, it’s exciting to hear that Nintendo has finally added Bluetooth audio support, and we’re looking forward to testing it out ourselves later this evening with a pair of Bluetooth headphones. We’re also curious to hear what you think about the update as a whole.

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