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Nintendo Switch Lite Reveal Causes Stocks to Soar

by Liana Ruppert

Nintendo finally confirmed the months and months of rumors about a smaller version of the Nintendo Switch with the Nintendo Switch Lite console and while it’s not a fit for everyone, for those it was targeted for it was a very exciting reveal. As with most huge announcements, the business side of the industry was also a-buzz causing a steep increase in the Big N’s stocks. 

According to a report from the Financial Times, Nintendo’s stock increased to ¥41,780, which is $386.50, immediately following the Lite reveal in Tokyo trading. This is the highest it’s been since October of last year, which also saw a huge spike regarding recent releases. 

Missed the initial reveal? The Nintendo Switch Lite is exactly what the name suggests. It’s basically the Big N’s version of the PSP, which was a handheld console that was way ahead of its time and was a beloved gaming device for many. This portable only version of the Switch has been optimized for better battery life since it’s mobile-only and does not come with removable Joy-Cons or the HD Rumble feature. 

There was also a reveal concerning a Limited Edition Pokemon Swords and Shields version as well, which you can learn about right here. 

The Nintendo Switch Lite officially hits stores on September 20th. Excited to see more from Nintendo? What about a Nintendo Switch Pro? Sound off with your thoughts by hitting us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames

Liana Ruppert

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