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Nintendo Confirms Plans for E3 2014

by Prima Games Staff

With E3 just six weeks away, companies have begun making plans for what they’ll be showing at the yearly gaming event. Nintendo is no exception, and has revealed its plans through a humorous video collaboration with the lunatics at Mega 64.

In the video, we’re introduced to the Reggie Fils-a-Mech, which the Mega 64 team uses to infiltrate the Nintendo headquarters. As you can see in the video below, the results are quite hilarious – especially when it runs into Reggie himself.

However, the video also provides some new information on what Nintendo has planned for E3. The company won’t be holding a press conference this year, but will instead reveal its latest releases through a Digtlal Event, planned for unveiling on the morning of June 9th, starting at 12 PM EDT.

In addition, the forthcoming Super Smash Bros. will receive some major focus at the event. The company has announced a Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournament, which will take place at the Nokia Theater in L.A. and feature 16 of the world’s most prominent players. Fans are invited to watch both in person and online through live streaming.

That’s not all. Best Buy will once again be hosting Nintendo during E3 week, with several stores featuring playable Super Smash Bros. units for players to try out. Titled Smash Fest, the event will be a prime opportunity to try both versions of the game before their release.

Finally, Nintendo will be hosting live streams from the event, with Nintendo Treehouse featuring videos of up-and-coming games.

“We demonstrated last year that we are never afraid to reinvent a proven tactic or to break completely new ground if we believe it will provide the best experience for our fans, followers and partners,” said Nintendo president (and rumored mech) Reggie Fils-Aime. “So, whether you’re attending E3 in person or joining online, there’s an amazing line-up of games, experiences and events coming your way.”

We’ll have complete details from the event as they happen this June! In the meantime…FEAR THE REGGIE MECH.

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