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Which amiibo is the Rarest?

by Prima Games Staff

After months of campouts, low inventory and absurd eBay prices, it seems Nintendo finally caught up to the high demand for amiibo. Because of multiple restocks, you have a great chance of walking into a Toys R Us and seeing Little Mac, Greninja and other long lost characters lining the shelves. We reached a point where each new entry in the Super Smash Bros. lineup (be it Mewtwo or Falco) doesn’t result in long lines of people trampling each other to grab the five figures each store received. This may sound shocking, but when Mewtwo released, we calmly drove to Toys R Us and left happy. 

Regardless, almost every popular toy line includes hard-to-find figures, and despite the variety of amiibo currently available, some are rarer than others. With that in mind, what are the rarest amiibo? Some fans on the r/amiibo subreddit posed this question to the community, and while the answers don’t come directly from Nintendo, the answers surprised us a bit.

Unanimously people seem to feel Gold Mario is the ultimate amiibo unicorn. If you recall, Gold Mario debuted as a Walmart exclusive and was fairly easy to track down, at least initially.  Now he’s gone and eBay prices reflect this scarcity, with sellers attempting to get anywhere from $65 to over $100 for the elusive figure. 

Next on the list is Palutena from Kid Icarus: Uprising. She appeared on Amazon this past summer for at least an hour on launch day and then quickly vanished; we haven’t seen her in months. At the time of this article you’ll need roughly $45 to acquire the North American Amazon version.

Now it get trickier.  While Toys R Us recently scored a huge shipment of Animal Crossing Villager, this new version’s eyes and forehead differ compared to the Villager who debuted on November 21, 2014 as part of amiibo wave 1. It’s doubtful you’ll ever find the original Villager in a big box store for the retail price. If you managed to find first print Village, hang onto him! 

Finally, there’s King Dedede, Samus (not Zero Suit), Rosalina and Wii Fit Trainer. Keep in mind this strictly applies to the U.S. amiibo. An import Wii Fit Trainer, for example, sells for $15 on Amazon.

Which amiibo do you think is the rarest, and did you buy this figure?  What do you think of the restocks? Let us know!

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